Welcome to Jackson County, Ohio and all of the wonderful experiences it has to offer. Within two hours of five major cities and seven interstate highways, almost all of them four-lanes, and within 500 miles of two-thirds of the population of the United States. Jackson County still offers the peace and tranquility of a rural setting and the climate everyone would love to call “home.”


Jackson County is comprised of hard-working residents, and is noted for its legendary involvement in the pig-iron industry in the last century and the restructuring of its economy in the last four decades.


It is proud of its young people, with the entire county having completed the monumental project of all new or totally remodeled school facilities. Healthcare has boomed with a $56 million investment that includes a new comprehensive medical center.


As for recreation, the county is also one of the state’s premier hunting and fishing areas and encompasses all four seasons of the year.


If you are a visitor, we hope your stay is a most pleasant one. If you plan to move here, it is a grand place to call home. If you believe this would be a tremendous place to open a business or industry, we couldn’t agree more.


Again, welcome to Jackson County and all of the wonderful experiences it has to offer.


Sincerely yours,

Randy Heath, Executive Director
Jackson Area Chamber of Commerce





Jackson County is the right fit and the right size for almost every kind of lifestyle and enjoyment.


As it continues to grow, the county’s population has risen to more than 33,000, while its two largest cities, the county seat of Jackson and the city of Wellston, both have just under 7,000 residents. Current Census Information


Such major cities as Columbus, Cincinnati and Dayton in Ohio, along with Huntington and Charleston in West Virginia, are within two hours of Jackson County. The county, however, provides an existence far removed from the hustle and bustle of a metropolitan area and offers a true rural setting.


With all new and remodeled schools now completed, and a $56 million investment into healthcare that, in addition to other improvements, has produced a new full-service medical center, Jackson County is considered one of the most progressive counties among Ohio’s 88 counties, especially among those outside of metropolitan areas.

A diversified economy provides employment opportunities in food processing, cabinet making, the automotive industry and many other areas, including agriculture. Three universities within 40 miles of the county provide intellectual growth for its high school graduates.


The opportunities for enjoyment are abundant, with outstanding hunting and fishing along with many festivals and fairs. The Jackson County Apple Festival, held the third full week in September of each year, is considered one of the state’s premier festivals.


With so many offerings in so many areas, it is easy to see why so many people choose to live, work and relax in Jackson County.




Jackson County is located in the central portion of southern Ohio. The city of Jackson, the county seat, is located 75 miles south of the state capital of Columbus, 100 miles east of Cincinnati and just over 30 miles northwest of the Ohio River at Gallipolis.


The two major highways traveling through Jackson County are U.S. 35 and State Route 32. U.S. 35 is a major northwest/ southeast corridor that is heavily utilized by the trucking industry, and became completely four-lane from Dayton to Gallipolis in 2004. State Route 32 is part of the multi-state Appalachian Highway system and is four-lane from Cincinnati in the southwestern corner of the state to Marietta in the southeastern corner of the state, with a new direct connection to Interstate 77 expected in 2008.


Jackson County is also within two hours of seven major interstate highways. Interstates 71, 74 and 75 to the west, plus 77 and 79, both to the east, are all north-south routes while Interstate 64 to the south and 70 to the north are primary east-west corridors in the midwestern United States. Jackson County is within 500 miles of two-thirds of the population of the United States.


Jackson County has an airport, the James A. Rhodes Airport, located five miles south of Jackson.